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Here at Body Positive Australia we offer Group and Individual therapy, Dietetic Support, Yoga, Retreats and Professional Development. All the elements you could need to become more Body Positive!

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For Dietitians

We offer training (webinars, workshops) and retreats specifically for Dietitians centering around mindfulness, client-centred practice and the NonDiet Approach.

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We offer both professional development retreats & personal body positive retreats in Byron Bay and Hepburn Springs. They are luxury for both body and soul, aiming to nourish & restore as well as inviting a new perspective on being Body Positive.

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We offer a range of Group' which include "RIPE" for the treatment of Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorders (14 Week Treatment Program) and Body Positive Warriors (8 week boost your body image program).

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We are committed to the improvement of women’s health and have been seen in a variety of publications including the section below.

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