We offer several different styles of retreats, find your perfect match!

We really believe that everyone deserves time out in a beautiful location to connect, grow, move and laugh. We offer several different types of retreats, in arguably some of Australia’s most beautiful locations and strongly incorporate our philosophy of offering a place where you can bring your authentic self, connect with like-minded people & grow in your understanding and appreciation of food, eating and your body. Plus (as a bonus!) we love to have fun, so we’ll be sharing it freely and copiously throughout each retreat 😉

We believe in the value of nourishing your body, mind and soul. For our longer retreats, meals are included – we pay a lot of attention to our meals, offering fresh and delicious food as part of the experience. We have sourced amazing cooks and chefs for our retreats, who inject a good dose of food-love into each and every meal.


2017 RETREATS to be announced shortly


Who are retreats suitable for?

The “Dietitians Retreats” are professional and personal development for APD’s

The “Clinicians Retreats” are suitable for professionals (from any background) who are actively working in the Eating Disorders and/or Body Image fields.

The “Body Positive Retreats” are for anyone who finds feeling comfortable in their body image a challenge, and would like to give it a big boost. These retreats are all ages and all abilities and they incorporate yoga, mindfulness, meditation and workshops.

They are not suitable for anyone who is not medically stable or as a substitute for clinical treatment. Any worries or questions please contact